Striped Bag with Khmu Vine Top

    • Striped Bag with Khmu Vine Top
    • Hmong indigo striped hemp fabric with locally foraged vine knotted by the Khmu people.
    • Fully lined with a zip pocket and a patch pocket inside.
    • Handmade by women in Laos.
    • Each piece is unique. Your bag will be similar to this photo but not exactly the same.
    • 13" x 12" inches (33.02 x 30.48 cm)
    • Strap is 18" in from base to shoulder (45.72 cm)
    • Delicate machine or hand wash in cold water with gentle soap.
    • Line dry.
    • Warm iron.


Women from the KHMU ethnic minority group in the north of Laos hand knot a locally foraged vine into bags and small pouches.  They gather the vine at the end of the rainy season, strip it into raffia-like fibers, twist the fibers together to make thread, and handknot it, a technique traditionally used for fishnets and tumpline bags. We purchase vine bags and pouches directly from Khmu women in Laos, often combining their work with other traditional textiles from Laos and Vietnam to create one-of-a-kind bags.